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What is classed as commercial waste in Chester?

According to Cheshire West and Cheshire Council, whether you operate from home or a registered commercial premises, the waste you produce is considered commercial waste. In this blog, we’ll explore what commercial waste is and how to handle it.

What is commercial waste?

Waste is classified by the council as any material your business no longer has use for and wants removed from site. This can include a diverse range materials and objects.

Computer monitors, kettles and microwaves are considered electrical waste, while rubble, plasterboard, roofing tiles or an old bathroom suite are examples of construction waste. Kitchen waste can include out-of-date food, cans or cartons, while office waste can simply be empty cardboard boxes and shredded paper. Waste can also include materials companies don’t need any more and are passing on for repair, reuse, or recycling.

The council states that commercial waste must never be disposed of in residential recycling, waste or garden bins, and that failure to adhere to this rule can result in a fixed penalty notice being issued.

What is my duty of care?

All enterprises have a legal obligation called their ‘duty of care’ regarding how waste is disposed of and stored beforehand. This law is applicable as soon as waste is produced and continues even when a licenced waste carrier collects it, and only ends when the waste is either recycled, reused or disposed of properly.

As a result, when hiring a company to remove commercial waste, the responsibility lies with the business to ensure that the disposal company deals with the waste correctly.

At All My Waste, we supply a certified waste removal and disposal service and hold a valid waste carrier’s licence and insurance. If your business is within a 50-mile radius of Chester, you can count on us for a fast and efficient service. Call us today to arrange a clear-out.

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